• Faith Based non-profit organization
  • Our MISSION is to extend HOPE through identifying the needs and filling those needs in our Community
  • We carry out our mission through several recovery oriented and people centered social service programs

Our Approach

Love Overwhelming adheres to a relational service model which allows staff and volunteers to develop a rapport.

  • Rapport turns to trust over time which leads to richer opportunities to support and empower people.
  • When people are supported HOPE is developed.
  • Hope EMPOWERS people to take the next step in their recovery.

Team Work!

Love Overwhelming believes in a team approach when supporting and empowering people.

  • Staff and volunteers are empowered to work together for the common good of the people we serve.
  • Team work takes effort, grace, mercy, good communication and trust.
  • Together, as a team of people who each have their own piece in the puzzle (no matter the size or shape), we make a difference.
  • Love Overwhelming values collaboration and partnership